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SKULDUGGERY!                  ISBN: 1858816661

A detective story


This is a cracking-good mystery, which also just happens to be about a boy with dyslexia. Tim is about to spend a boring summer with a tutor, improving his reading skills. He is excellent at maths and most subjects, but reading has eluded him. His tutor, Rhonda, turns out to be a practical and imaginative thirteen year old, who helps him not only with his reading but with his adventure too. Suffice it to say that this adventure includes a mysterious man next door, a kidnapped child, and a voluble American mother. All ends well, and Tim and Rhoda are heroes. There is enough about Tim's dyslexia to make him an interesting role model. He is certainly an inordinately brave eleven year old. A substantial read with black and white line drawings. Good stuff!


Inverclyde Council Book of the Month Archive for 8-12 year olds



Skulduggery : A Detection Story by Anne Adeney


You never know what’s going on next door!


There’s a scream in the night, things get buried in the garden, a tiny troubled face appears at the window, then vanishes. And it’s all happening next door, where the menacing Mr. Wiser lives. What is going on? Tim is on the case, and he’s determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.


Serious issues tackled with humour and fun, 16 Feb 2001

Race and pace characterise this detective adventure story, but serious issues are also addressed in a fun context. A very enjoyable read.

Diana Bennett


Even adults love this thrilling story!, 16 Feb 2001

Skulduggery is a thrilling detective story with suspense and comedy. It's a really good read for kids from 8-80. I couldn't put it down!

Barbara Mercy



Anne Adeney |Orion


More than just a children's illustrated book of bible stories, this is a wonderful treasury that tells the classic tales from the perspectives of the children who lived it, and makes the characters come alive with wonder.

Fairmont Books, Canada


Five Stars

Really well laid out and told in a very child friendly way.

By R A HARRIES on 28 Oct. 2015


5 stars nice bible story book

my daughter loves it. very nice images for the little ones.

By Anca on 30 April 2015


5 stars

I purchased several copies to use for an adult literacy class 28 Dec. 2013

These books are great. My adult readers really enjoyed them. I will purchase them again when I have adult students who reading the Bible.

By EJ Callahan - Published on Amazon.com



5.0 out of 5 stars      Excellent book!

This book was the first my son learned to read - it is fun with lots of repetition. It is part of a series - he has enjoyed the others in this level from the library too.

By SpursGirl on 17 Nov. 2011



Early reading book

5yr old boy loved the humour of this book.


If all early reading books had this level of humour in them with a topic that appeals to boys, teaching reading would be a very enjoyable exercise for parents and children.

By beaver on 23 Mar. 2013



Five Stars

Good book

By Isabel Oliveira on 6 Oct. 2014



5 stars   I liked this story

I am 5. I liked this story. I liked when the cat woke up and the mouse got trapped. Some words were a little hard.

By OisinF on 16 Feb. 2016



5 stars  Five Stars

Good book and story

By Isabel Oliveira on 20 Sept. 2014



4.0 out of 5 stars

A change in habit for Ben the fisherman in another super story from Anne Adeney

By KiT on 6 Aug. 2008



out of 5 stars   Wow - brilliant book

My 5 year old reception son has just brought this book home from school (he is a very advanced reader). What a brilliant book, a bit scary but not too much. A proper little adventure. We liked it so much we are going to buy our own copy so we can hide behind the sofa with it.

By Spot the cat on 7 Nov. 2012



5 stars  

I kept getting this book from the library for our wee grandaughter (nearly 2 yrs). She loves it so much that I had to buy it. She's fascinated by the spilt milk and Grandpa slipping on it and his false teeth flying out of his mouth! I've bought wind up false teeth to go with the book!

By Ms. E. A. Nicholson on 9 Dec. 2011



Review: Anne Adeney has created  another book that conveys her own love for the Bible, this time choosing 50 stories from the Old Testament. Those who enjoyed Walking on Water and other Bible Stories, will enjoy this new selection of stories, told in Adeney’s lively and accessible prose. Accompanying the text are the glorious bright watercolours of Ruth Rivers. A favourite illustration of mine was Adam and Eve ‘chilling out’ in the Garden of Eden.

Adeney adds to the stories by putting them in a living context. Each one is introduced by a fictional child from the Biblical land. The son of a brickmaker introduces the story of Ninevah. A girl from a village by the Galilee, given a sewing lesson by her grandmother, introduces the story of Joseph and his coat of many colours. The son of a fisherman sets the Red Sea parting in context. This technique, also used in Walking on Water, makes the stories more alive and relevant and gives another dimension.

This is a warm book that tells the familiar stories with integrity and joy.

2008-03-26 Jacketflap



Review: Walking on Water and other Bible Stories is written by author Anne Adeney, well known for the quality of her children’s fiction. The stories in this book were originally published in The Biggest Bible Storybook. The book includes fifty stories retold from the New Testament, using clear and child friendly language, yet not compromising on the original Biblical texts. The stories are also linked at the beginning of the book with Bible references, which will please Religious Education and Sunday school teachers. As an RE teacher, I was pleased to see so many key New Testament stories grouped together in one book.


What gives the book an original edge is that the author has created different children living at the time of Jesus who introduce the stories. Titus the shepherd boy gives the introduction to the story of the first Christmas. Another child, Priscilla, has witnessed Jairus’s daughter brought back to life by Jesus. Naomi, whose parents have a bread stall, leads us into the story of the loaves and fishes. This technique means that young readers are given a sense of history and context to the biblical stories. The young characters’ awe and wonder at some of the extraordinary events that they have seen is contrasted with day-to-day details from their everyday life. This connection gives a fresh and unique dimension to what could be yet another Bible storybook.

The illustrations by Ruth Rivers are colourful and interspersed with the text in an imaginative way. The biblical characters wear dazzling ethnic patterned clothes, and even the angel who frees Peter from his chains is resplendent in a chintzy Laura Ashley fabric. There is a certain devotional quality to the book. The final image, with a smiling family lifting their hands to Heaven as a dove flies overhead, reflects this. I did not find this a problem, as the author’s religious commitment is what gives the book its quality, and the most beautiful piece of writing and accompanying illustration is of John’s vision of Heaven.




GoodBookStall Review:

All the thrill and excitement of an American wagon train heading for the wild west comes alive in this great adventure story. Based loosely on the Good Samaritan Bible story the twins Ben and Katie learn how to help a lost and injured little American Indian boy and a scout who wasn’t all that he seemed, despite their fears. Another really good story in this series.


Reviewer: Mary Bartholomew   (14/05/04)



Amazon Avg. Customer Rating:  

A sparkling book, full of humour, super characters and love., 25 Feb 2001

By A Customer

I read this book before I gave it to my daughter, aged 9. She was entertained, interested by the plot and the family and kept referring to it for ages afterwards. 'I Have a Plan' sticks in the mind and I think that's probably how I rate a good children's book. (Oh, and its also looking very dog-eared.) The characters are alive, real and immensely loveable.


A really funny book!, 16 Feb 2001

By A Customer

When I read I Have a Plan I especially liked the bit when Kayla let all the frogs loose in the Kitchen when she was trying to teach them to croak Happy Birthday To You. I loved all the twists and problems in it, and it had at least three storylines because it had so many of them. It is a really good read and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

Eleanor Clibbens, age 10



5.0 out of 5 stars     James Read the Dragon

I bought this book for my little friend James who is seven. He immediately sat at the table and was able to read if for himself. His mother said is was very suitable for his age group and he loved it.

By Mrs. C. Beavers on 9 May 2010


5.0 out of 5 stars

A super book

A super read to share with children to learn about the tale of St George and the dragon. Excellent illustrations. My class thoroughly enjoyed listening and then had fun writing their own stories with dragons.

By Gem on 7 Feb. 2011


Five Stars

Just what I wanted, the traditional tale of St. George simply told with clear illustrations.

ByJan Hubbardon 20 May 2015